Longhua Tour Arrangement

We have arranged a tour in Longhua, Shenzhen, with the local government. The group will visit several cultural attractions and Science and Technology parks in Longhua in the afternoon of June 28(the conference registration day). The detailed tour arrangements will is as below. If you want to participate in this tour, please fill in the attached tour participation form and email it back (cswimsz2019@163.com) to us before June 21.


14:00 希尔顿酒店门前集体乘车
14:00——14:30 前往龙华区城市规划展厅
14:30——-15:30 参观龙华区城市规划展厅
15:30——-16:00 前往前往国瓷永丰源
16:00——-16:30 参观国瓷永丰源
16:30——-16:45 前往观澜版画原创基地
16:45——-17:30 参观观澜版画原创基地
17:30——-18:00 乘车返回酒店
Download Tour Application Form